About Us

It all started in 2009 when we converted a 1988 Thomas school bus into an RV/home/rolling command center to travel the USA doing homeless ministry with our family. Little did we know the experiences would lead to building homes affordable to everyone. Follow the MISSIONBUS journey at www.missionbus.com. Part of that adventure was building a mobile kitchen that served us well while we were on mission. Retired after over 15,000 miles cross country from Boston to San Francisco, that kitchen has now been renovated into a tiny house for an enthusiastic college student looking to save money while building her future opportunities at Life University. That renovation along with another project to convert a shipping container into a office has both inspired and given wings to the future vision of the BIGHEART Tiny House Co.

About Tiny Houses

Although tiny houses are a relatively new concept in the United States, in just 10 years the phenomenon has grown to a large scale from TV programs showcasing the possibilities. Micro housing has been around for 30+ years in many other parts of the world where smaller dwellings is more practical and accepted way to live. Many people in America are excited about the opportunity to live large in smaller dwellings. The cost and work to maintain large traditional homes has become less desirable so that many are abandoning that pursuit with the desire to not be tied down to focus on more important endeavors in their lives.

Tiny Houses have a wide variety of potential uses such as a home office, kids playhouse, hunting cabin, guest quarters or primary housing. While Tiny House living does have it's challenges in the current age, it's all the buzz anywhere you go. One of those struggles is finding a place to park your new dwelling where you can access power, water and peace. While this may seem simple, it can be a challenge working with local authorities to get approval for tiny house so you can be left in peace. This will change over time as more people join the movement but for today you have to do your research to ensure your dreams can become reality.

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Marc Frederick, vp engineering

email : marc @ bighearthouses.com (remove the spaces from email address)

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